Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews

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Crop Circles – The Latest Evidence (1990)

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Crop Circles – The Latest Evidence
Published1990 First editionYes
FormatSoftcover (215 x 190mm) Edition
PublisherBloomsbury Printing1
ISBN0-7475-0843-7 Printed byButler and Tanner Limited
Series No of pages80


In the summer of 1990 some 400 crop circles were found in the UK, more than in any previous year, and many of them more complex than ever. In their second book Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado document the evidence since the publication of Circular Evidence a year earlier.
    In the Introduction Colin Andrews writes: "I am more convinced than when we finished writing Circular Evidence that a conscious process is involved with this most striking symbolism in our midst...," while in the late 1990s he claimed to have found evidence that around 80 per cent of the crop circles that appeared in England in 1999 and 2000 were man-made. When asked how many of the crop circles are made by ordinary people Benjamin Creme, however, asserted that only 15 per cent of the circles in the UK and 20 per cent worldwide were man-made. (Share International, No.1, January/February 2001, p.8)

This book was reviewed in brief in Share International No.4, May 1991 (p.13).

Colin Andrews also wrote Crop Circles: Signs of Contact (2003; with Stephen J. Spignesi) and directed and/or wrote the documentary films Undeniable Evidence (1991) and Alien Sign: The Message (2002).
    In addition, he appears in a number of documentary films made by others, including Ultimate Crop Circles: Signs from Space (Tim Werenko, 2002), and Crop Circles - Quest for Truth (William Gazecki, 2002). He was also a consultant for Signs, the Hollywood film about crop circles starring Mel Gibson (M. Night Shyamalan, 2002).


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