Benjamin Creme

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The Great Approach - New Light and Life for Humanity (2001)

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The Great Approach
Published2001 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (210 x 135mm) Edition
PublisherShare International Printing1
ISBN90-71484-23-0 Printed byPrint Tech West
Series No of pages320


In this book Benjamin Creme gives a compelling description of the future for humanity and the world, both in spiritual and in practical terms. The Introduction is a masterpiece of inspiration for bringing together the political and economic crises that beset the world at this time of transition and the opportunities for spiritual growth that they present -- under the assured guidance of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom.
    This is the first of Benjamin Creme's books in which full colour photographs were included of miraculous signs of Maitreya's presence in the world, including two of His appearance in Nairobi, Kenya in June 1988, which was the first of a string of hundreds of such appearances to groups of fundamentalist believers of all religions around the world. A complete overview of Maitreya's appearances that details were made available of by Benjamin Creme's Master in Share International magazine, is included towards the end of this volume.
    This book is named after an article which Benjamin Creme's Master wrote for Share International magazine in July 1988: "Without exception, the Masters Themselves are experiencing a reorientation of procedures and methods unlike aught known before. During the last five centuries, They have gradually inaugurated changes in approach in preparation for the Great Approach, the externalization of Their work in the world." (Benjamin Creme (ed.), A Master speaks p.135/2004ed)

The painting on the cover is Oracle (painted in 1964, reworked in 1984).


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