Benjamin Creme

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The Art of Co-operation (2002)

This Edition

The Art of Co-operation
Published2002 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (210 x 135mm) Edition
PublisherShare International Printing1
ISBN90-71484-26-1 Printed byPrint Tech West
Series No of pages235


This book is named after an article by the same title which Benjamin Creme's Master wrote for Share International magazine in September 2000, in which He says: "The Masters, your Elder Brothers, are not strangers to co-operation. In all that They do, co-operation plays a central role. It could not be otherwise in the manifested Brotherhood where the canker of competition is unknown. It is Our earnest desire that men learn the art of co-operation, and to this end shall We act as mentors, teaching through example." (Benjamin Creme (ed.), A Master speaks, p.378/2004ed)

On p.185 the author says: "Long ago in the first Agni Yoga book, Maitreya said: 'By human hand and by human foot the New Age must be built.' Every stone, every brick, every step of the way, must be made by man himself. But it will not happen unless the Masters return to the world. It will not happen unless Maitreya not only makes Himself known but is enabled to inspire humanity to create the conditions which will lead to sharing, justice and peace. It requires the bending of every sinew, the tuning up of every nerve, to make that happen as soon as possible." This quotation may actually be found in the second Agni Yoga volume, Leaves of Morya's Garden II (p.76), as well as in the story 'The Signs of Christ' in the volume On Eastern Crossroads (p.47), which Helena Roerich wrote under the pseudonym of Josephine Saint-Hilaire.

The painting on the cover is Mandala IV (painted in 1968).


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