Benjamin Creme (artist)

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1982 – The Year of the Christ (1981)

This Edition

1982 – The Year of the Christ
Published1981 First editionYes
FormatCalendar (303 x 229mm) Edition
PublisherTara Center Printing
ISBN Printed by
Series No of pages28


1982 Calendar featuring full-colour reproductions of 13 of Benjamin Creme's esoteric (symbolic) paintings, alongside fragments from Maitreya's Messages (see also Benjamin Creme (ed.; 1980), Messages from Maitreya the Christ), plus background information about the Reappearance and the artist, with a b/w photograph.
    The title refers to the highly anticipated emergence of Maitreya in the late spring of 1982, which was thwarted by a lack of sufficient attention from the world's media as the representatives of humanity. (See also the paragraph 'Historical Perspective' in Benjamin Creme (1986), Maitreya's Mission, Vol.I, Chapter 1.)

The calendar was published by the Reappearance group in Los Angeles, Tara Center, which had named itself after the London group's Tara Press. Tara Center later became part of the US branch of Share International Foundation.

The painting on the cover is titled 'Flaming Diamond' (1974) and was also used on the cover of Messages from Maitreya the Christ, as well as the first two volumes of Share International magazine (1982, 1983).


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