Pat Delgado

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Crop Circles – Conclusive Evidence? (1992)

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Crop Circles – Conclusive Evidence?
Published1992 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (220x195mm) Edition
PublisherBCA (Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd) Printing1st
ISBN0-7475-1282-5 Printed byButler and Tanner Limited
Series No of pages159


In this third book, this time without the collaboration of Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado shows himself a sensitive observer and researcher, when he describes the "present situation" anent the crop circle phenomenon: "It is a well-known fact that our planet is troubled by man-made pollution, and consequently many people see the formations as a sign of caution, reading them as valid messages about the dangerously high levels of toxic waste we discharge into our atmosphere and seas and rivers. This insight is endorsed by the Hopi Indians of North America, intelligent people who are probably one of the few remaining races on Earth who understand it for what it really is, a living organism." (p.156)
    Providing an extensive overview of the crop circles and patterns that appeared in the fields of England in 1991 -- with a few additional ones in Canada, the US, and Germany -- this volume could be seen as a Crop Circle Year Book avant la lettre.


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