Lucile Taylor Hansen

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The Ancient Atlantic (1969)

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The Ancient Atlantic
Published1969 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (288 x 221mm) Edition
PublisherAmherst Press Printing1
ISBN Printed byTomorrow River Printers
Series No of pages437


According to the ancient wisdom tradition it was the destruction of the main continent of the Atlantean civilization, some 98,000 years ago, which led to the decision of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom to withdraw to the remote mountain and desert areas of the world and work mainly through Their disciples and the World Teachers for the subsequent ages from then on.
    From indigenous myths, geological theories, archeological finds, and anthropological evidence L. Taylor Hansen gathers all available traces to the ancient continent of Atlantis, starting from the legend that came down via Plato, whose 'Timaeus' and 'Critias' she quotes as the earliest recorded sources. Although other books on this topic reached a far wider audience, the myths, theories and evidence surrounding Atlantis seem to be in reliable hands with Mrs Hansen's academic background, whilst employing an entertaining style in relating her field research.

The author, a 1.65 degree initiate, also wrote fantasy and science-fiction stories, as well as essays on scientific mysteries which were published in magazines such as Amazing Stories, Scientific Mysteries and Search magazine, from 1929 - 1949. Many of the essays which she wrote for the latter two publications seem to have formed the basis for this near-encyclopaedic volume.
    The publisher, Ray A. Palmer, was the editor of Amazing Stories from 1938 to c1949. He continued to write for the magazine until 1953, even though, under the pseudonym of Robert Webster, he had founded a competitor -- FATE magazine -- in 1948. (Source: The UFO Forum (2001), 'An Interview with Ray B. Palmer'.)

Includes many illustrations, charts, and maps in b/w and colour, as well as two rare photographs of the author (pp.281 and 392) and a pencil portrait (p.423).

The hardcover edition saw at least four impressions in 1969. A softcover edition was published in the same year.

According to Benjamin Creme, "Atlantis is slowly rising (at three to four inches a year...) in a controlled fashion which will take some 800-900 years." (Maitreya's Mission, Vol.I, p.182)

See also:
Ignatius Donnelly (1882), Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.
W. Scott-Elliot (1896), The Story of Atlantis and (1904) The Lost Lemuria.


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