Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the main aim of the Biblioteca-GA?
This online reference gives an overview of the publications that document the return to the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom – the Elder Brothers of humanity – which will inaugurate the New Age.
    It is meant as a testimony to the many people who, since 1875, have known, met and worked with the Masters in Their attempts to guide and enlighten humanity from behind the scenes, while preparing for Their Approach to the everyday world.
    As such it provides evidence of the continuity and consistency in the true teachings of the Masters of Wisdom as they have been given over the past 130-odd years, presenting the wide variety of the teachings as they were given to cater to students of different levels, backgrounds and dispositions.
    It is hoped that this compilation will help seekers and students to find the teachings most relevant to them.

How many books does reference describe?
There are some 300 titles in the Biblioteca-GA by around 95 authors [May 2018]. The text of many of these titles can be found online, for which links are provided.

What determines whether a publication is included in it or not?
This online reference consists mainly of all the books that are known to represent the genuine teachings of the Masters, as confirmed by Benjamin Creme, or his Master, in Share International magazine or in his books. In addition, biographies and books describing experiences of the Masters, or that were inspired by the Masters, are included as well.

Does that mean that books by teachers who are not included in the Biblioteca-GA are not genuine teachings?
There exists the equivalent of literally libraries full of ‘teachings’, most of which have originated from one or other of the astral planes rather than a Master. Nevertheless, the Biblioteca-GA could never claim completeness, as it depends on a publication having been confirmed as genuine by Benjamin Creme’s Master, and there may well be books that have not yet been identified as containing teachings by a Master. The current listing was not ‘given’ at one particular moment, but is the result of readers of Share International magazine over many years asking Benjamin Creme’s Master for confirmation if a book which they read was inspired by one of the Masters.
    Although Benjamin Creme has always tried to avoid being seen as an ‘arbiter’ with regard to teachings of other groups, he has on occasion, in response to readers’ questions about a book they thought might have been inspired by a Master, indicated the true source if that was of a rather lower nature. Readers are referred to Benjamin Creme’s books to check which authors or titles have been confirmed as less reliable or false teachings. For all other titles or authors, use your discrimination. A good rule of thumb is that the less impersonal the approach of the teacher, the more glamoured the teaching will be. The books in this online library should provide a solid touchstone to see if a certain teaching could be genuine or not.

Why is it so important that the authenticity of a book is confirmed by Benjamin Creme or his Master? Should one not use one's own discrimination?
Indeed, it was the Master DK Who warned against accepting any teaching just because someone says it comes from a Master. For the librarian, however, it's a matter of experience. His own personal experiences, as well as his 35+ years of studying the teachings, have convinced him, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the information coming from Benjamin Creme is true. In fact, the events unfolding in the world validate his analysis of the crisis facing humanity, and the solution that Maitreya and the Masters have been proposing since H.P. Blavatsky started her work for the preparatory phase of the teachings for the New Age. Of course, no-one should ever relinquish their own discrimination.

Are all the books in the Biblioteca-GA equally essential?
The books by H.P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, Agni Yoga, and Benjamin Creme contain the essential teachings of the Masters in the preparatory, the intermediate and in the run-up to the revelatory phases of the teachings for the New Age, respectively.
    Further, the teachings of Krishnamurti are the teachings of Maitreya Himself, while the various Avatars provide Their own approach to Truth.
    Other books in this online library which are not as essential in terms of the teachings, have been included because they give the reader an impression of the various attempts of the Masters to contact and guide humanity, of the developments in Their Approach, or in humanity’s understanding of reality.

Will reading (about) all the books in the Biblioteca-GA lead to, or guarantee, spiritual attainment?
No. Only by living the teachings will you move forward on your way to the expansion of consciousness necessary to increase the effectiveness of your service. Although studying a book may be essential to gain understanding or insight, it is never a substitute for living the teachings.

Where is the Biblioteca-GA located and can I visit it or borrow books from it?
This catalogue and online reference was researched by Gerard Aartsen, a Reappearance co-worker in Europe.
    It is hoped that the information provided in the annotated catalogue will help seekers to find the books that may be most useful to them.

Is the Biblioteca-GA website affiliated with Share International?
No. Although much of the information compiled on this website has been taken from Share International magazine and the books by Benjamin Creme, and the librarian is a long-standing Share International co-worker, this website is a private initiative.