Aart Jurriaanse (comp.)

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Prophecies (1977)

This Edition

Published1977 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (218x140mm) Edition
PublisherWorld Unity and Service Printing1
ISBN Printed byPromedia Publikasies (Pty) Ltd
CountrySouth Africa
Series No of pages361


In this volume Aart Jurriaanse (South Africa, 1907-2002) compiled the prophecies which the Master DK made in His teachings through Alice A. Bailey.

The author, a long-time student of the Alice A. Bailey books, compiled many articles from these teachings, which were published in books such as Ponder on This (1971); The Soul -- The Quality of Life; Serving Humanity; Of Life and Other Worlds (1974); and Life Now and Hereafter (1987).

Lucis Trust, the publisher of the Alice A. Bailey books, has adopted the first three of his compilation volumes and continues to publish new titles in the same vein.

Referenced in Benjamin Creme, The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, p.61 (1996ed). Republished in 2012 by Dr. Johann Grobler.


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