Helena Ivanovna Roerich

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Supermundane III - The Inner Life III (1938)

This Edition

Supermundane III
Published2017 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover 193x127 mm Edition1st English
PublisherAgni Yoga Society, Inc Printing1st
ISBN978-1-946742-94-0 Printed byAmazon
Series No of pages324


The purpose of the Supermundane books is "the same as the other books of the series -- enlightenment. It was not the Hierarchical intention that their publication should be held back until now. That is a decision of the Agni Yoga Society." (Benjamin Creme (1997), Maitreya's Mission, Vol. III, p.420).

This first English edition combines the original Supermundane Books Three and Four in one volume.

The publishing date listed in this edition (1994) is that of the English edition of the first two volumes of the Supermundane books. This first English print edition of Book Three was published as indicated here (2017).


Original Edition

Supermundane III
Original titleNadzemnoe
Original subtitle
Original publication year1938
Original publisher
Original country
Original languageRussian

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