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Messages from Maitreya the Christ - One Hundred Forty Messages (1980)

This Edition

Messages from Maitreya the Christ
Published1992 First editionNo
FormatPaperback (210 x 135 mm) EditionFirst complete edition
PublisherTara Press Printing1
ISBN0-936604-11-5 Printed by
Series No of pages286


From 1977-1982, during his public talks in London, Benjamin Creme received, through mental overshadowing, these Messages from Maitreya, the World Teacher. Benjamin Creme had been receiving Messages from Maitreya in the privacy of the group with which he was working since 1974, but "Early in September, 1977, I was taken before Maitreya Who asked if I would take, publicly, communications from Him..." (p.1)
    In His Messages Maitreya released fragments of His teachings and informed the world of the progress of His emergence, while also outlining His major concerns and the areas where change is needed most urgently.
    Attending Benjamin Creme's public talks in London in those days was a privilege beyond compare, leaving the audience imbued with a sense of history in the making -- not to mention the energies of the blessings by the Buddha and Maitreya.

At a well-attended press conference in Los Angeles on 14 May 1982, with a live feed to the BBC in London, Benjamin Creme announced for the first time that Maitreya lives and works in London, UK, and called on the world's media to symbolically "look" for Him there, and invite Him to address the world. The media, however, declined, saying they would wait until more "tangible evidence" became available -- thereby missing the very point of the process which would have allowed Maitreya to come forward without infringing humanity's free will.

This is the first edition comprising all 140 Messages from Maitreya, after the first 100 Messages had been published initially in booklets of 10, and in book form in 1980, while the final 40 were first published in a separate volume in 1986.

Over the years, since giving His last Message during Benjamin Creme's public talks in London in 1982, Maitreya has occasionally given additional Messages, usually when Benjamin Creme was being interviewed for a radio or tv programme. These Messages are given to sustain hope and encourage the groups working for the Reappearance, and were published in Share International magazine.

The painting on the cover is The Flaming Diamond (painted between 1974-1977).


Original Edition

Messages from Maitreya the Christ
Original title
Original subtitleVolume One. One Hundred Messages
Original publication year1980
Original publisher
Original country
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