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A Master speaks, Vol. Two (2017)

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A Master speaks, Vol. Two
Published2017 First editionYes
Format Edition
PublisherShare International Foundation Printing1st
ISBN978-94-91732-11-9 Printed by
Series No of pages256


The second volume of articles written by Benjamin Creme's Master for Share International magazine, which present "a picture of the life ahead, to inspire a happy and positive approach to that future and to equip [the reader] with the tools of knowledge to deal correctly with the problems which arise daily upon the way."

A Master speaks, Volume Two contains all the articles written by the Master through Benjamin Creme from January 2004 until the last one in 2016. (Benjamin Creme passed away on 24 October 2016.)

The painting on the cover is Open Mandala (painted in 1972).


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