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Maitreya's Teachings – The Laws of Life (2005)

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Maitreya's Teachings – The Laws of Life
Published2005 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (210 x 135mm) Edition
PublisherShare International Printing1
ISBN90-71484-31-9 Printed by
Series No of pages254


Teachings and forecasts of world events by Lord Maitreya from 1988-1993, as relayed by one of His close associates to journalists Brian James and Patricia Pitchon for publication in Share International magazine and dissemination via press releases. (See also Patricia Pitchon's book Searching for Maitreya.)
     In His messages and initial teachings, Maitreya has stated repeatedly that He has not come to found a new religion or to create followers, but to teach mankind “the art of Self-Realization”. The first step in this direction, Maitreya says, is to practice three things: "honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment". Right human relations need to be expressed by sharing the abundance of the world's food, natural resources and technology to ensure that every man, woman and child will have adequate food, shelter, health care and education. Through the social justice thus created, the necessary trust will flourish to abandon war forever. Only then will it be safe to provide mankind with the Science of Light, as the source for all our energy needs and future scientific and technological developments.

After the Day of Declaration, Benjamin Creme says, "Maitreya will teach, probably on a daily basis, I do not know, but frequently. He has already given a body of teachings which were published in Share International. This teaching will go on both from Maitreya and from certain of the Masters. But the Master says: 'Much already remains unopened and unread in the hands of men.' There is a vast body of teachings – the Theosophical teachings, the Agni Yoga teachings, the Alice Bailey teachings – which is largely unread, even by those who know about them." (Maitreya's Mission, Vol.III, p.281-82)

Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme.

The painting on the cover is Approach (painted in 1965).


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