Helena Ivanovna Roerich

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Infinity II (1930)

This Edition

Infinity II
Published1980 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (162 x 126mm) Edition
PublisherAgni Yoga Society, Inc Printing2
ISBN Printed by
SeriesAgni Yoga No of pages238


"Humanity ponders little upon the source of creativeness. All outer manifestations are accepted by humanity as ordinary. The Spatial Fire outlines definite functions. But behind the departing energies stands the source of the inexhaustible cosmic energy. About this invisible and all-pervading source humanity should ponder. Each creative thought must be directed to this source. The chain of causes and effects must be discerned in all cosmic labor. This chain is boundless in all dimensions." (p.97)


Original Edition

Infinity II
Original titleBeskonechnostj
Original subtitle
Original publication year1930
Original publisherEditions et Imprimerie Rapide de la Presse
Original countryFrance
Original languageRussian

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