Orfeo Angelucci

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The Secret of the Saucers (1955)

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The Secret of the Saucers
Published1955 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (205x135mm) Edition
PublisherAmherst Press PrintingLater printing
ISBN Printed byWorzalla Publishing Company
Series No of pages167


Orfeo Angelucci was a plant worker for Lockheed Corporation, so he had a good knowledge of flying craft when he had his first sighting on 23 May, 1952.
    Like many of the early contactees, what he was told corroborates the information that was given to George Adamski: "We feel a deep sense of brotherhood toward Earth's inhabitants because of an ancient kinship of our planet with Earth. In you we can look far back in time and recreate certain aspects of our former world. With deep compassion and understanding we have watched your world going through its 'growing pains'. We ask that you look upon us simply as older brothers." (p.9)
    Edited by Ray Palmer. From the front cover: "Here is an uplifting and inspiring book - the true account of a strange experience with the visitors from outer space who act as our brothers and give us a message of hope."

Orfeo Angelucci is also the author of Son of the Sun (1959).


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