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Krishnamurti's Notebook (1976)

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Krishnamurti's Notebook
Published1977 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (202 x 133mm) Edition1977 reprint
PublisherVictor Gollancz, Ltd Printing2
ISBN0-575-02107-1 Printed byThe Garden City Press Limited
Series No of pages252


The first of three volumes in which Krishnamurti himself writes directly of his thoughts and experiences, from 20 June 1961 to 23 January 1962. In her foreword Mary Lutyens, who had edited several of the earlier books based on transcripts of K's talks, writes: "In this unique daily record we have what may be called the well-spring of Krishnamurti's teaching. The wole essence of his teaching is here, arising from its natural source." (p.6)
    In this book K writes about what he calls "the process" -- the overshadowing by Maitreya, as in his very first entry, for June 18th, 1961: "In the evening it was there: suddenly it was there, filling the room, a great sense of beauty, power and gentleness. Others noticed it."
    Or in his entry for July 21st: "Early this morning, on waking, changing, changeless purifying seriousness and an ecstasy that had no cause. It simply was there. And during the day, whatever one did it was there in the background and it came directly and immediately to the fore when one was quiet. There is an urgency and beauty in it." (p.28)

In 2003 a new edition was published which includes an additional chapter with newly found material: the notes K kept from 17 February to 19 March 1962 while in Bombay (Krishnamurti Foundation of America, ISBN-13 978-1888004571).

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Krishnamurti's Notebook
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