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Krishnamurti – A Biography (1986)

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Krishnamurti – A Biography
Published1986 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (240 x 161mm) Edition
PublisherHarper & Row Publishers Printing
ISBN0-06-250401-0 Printed by
Series No of pages516


An interesting and inspiring biography of Krishnamurti by one of his Indian associates, interweaving events in the lives of the author, K himself or that of those around him with his teachings, indeed a "biographical interpretation," as stated in the preliminary pages.
    In 1984, the author asked of K: "Who is Krishnamurti? What is his lineage?" K replied: "... keep the challenge – work with it – forget the person. Look what religions have done: concentrated on the teacher and forgotten the teaching. Why do we give such importance to the person of the teacher? The teacher may be necessary to manifest the teaching, but beyond that, what? The vase contains water; you have to drink the water, not worship the vase. Humanity worships the vase, forgets the teacher".


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