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Maitreya's Mission, Volume Two (1993)

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Maitreya's Mission, Volume Two
Published1993 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (210 x 135mm) Edition
PublisherShare International Printing1
ISBN90-71484-11-4 Printed by
Series No of pages718


Aside from the information about Maitreya and His emergence covering the period from October 1986 to December 1992, and His teachings as they had been given through His associate for publication in Share International, this volume is a veritable treasure-trove of thus far esoteric knowledge. In Maitreya's Mission, Vol.II Benjamin Creme expands and further elucidates many topics that were first introduced to the Western mind in the books of H.P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey, such as modern discipleship, the growth of consciousness, the Seven Rays, initiation and group work.
    This volume also contains seven interviews with Benjamin Creme's Master, as well as the first compilations of Maitreya's teachings that He was giving through His associates since 1988. Further interviews with Benjamin Creme's Master have been published in Maitreya's Mission, Vol.III (1997) while a complete compilation of Maitreya's teachings was published in 2005 as Maitreya's Teachings -- The Laws of Life.

The painting on the cover is 'Antahkarana' (painted in 1968).


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