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The Way to Self-Knowledge (1985)

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The Way to Self-Knowledge
Published1987 First editionNo
FormatPaperback (209 x 133mm) Edition
PublisherF.I.N.D. Research Trust Printing2
ISBN0-917776-01-1 Printed by
Series No of pages141


In his prefatory notes the author writes that this book is "written under the inspiration of a supernal intelligence, not in a trance or semi-trance state, but in complete wakefulness, at a speed not possible for a diction in poetry (...) as the direct communication of Perennial Wisdom, through a mortal brain, by a Super-human Source of Knowledge, for guidance at a critical period of time." (p.5)
    According to Benjamin Creme this book was dictated to Gopi Krishna by his Master. He was a 1.7 degree initiate, and unusually sensitive to mental impression (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya's Mission Vol.II, p.554).

In his unusual text, the Master stresses the need for meditation and service on the path to spiritual growth, and refers to the fight against social and economic injustice as the prelude to a New Age of peace and harmony.

"[This book] is come to herald the New Age,
For which some people fondness show.
Like parrots talking in a cage,
What 'New Age' means they do not know.

This book is aimed to make it clear
That the existing two pursuits
Of wealth and power we must foreswear,
As both are hence forbidden fruits."


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The Way to Self-Knowledge
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