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A Master speaks - Articles from Share International magazine (1986)

This Edition

A Master speaks
Published2004 First editionNo
FormatPaperback (210 x 135mm) Edition3rd (exp.)
PublisherShare International Printing
ISBN90-71484-29-7 Printed by
Series No of pages452


Since its inception, Share International magazine has been graced with a monthly article written by Benjamin Creme's Master, Who dictates His articles to Mr Creme.
    "The major function of these articles is to draw attention to the needs of the present and the immediate future time. A further function is to give information about the teachings of Maitreya, the Master of all the Masters, Who has been in London since 1977 preparing for His mission as World Teacher for all humanity." (From the back cover.)
    Over the years Benjamin Creme has used many of these articles as a source of inspiration, or else a starting point, for his annual keynote talks at the Transmission Meditation Network conferences in Europe and the US. Most of his books carry titles that are borrowed from these articles.

According to Benjamin Creme, the Master – is a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name is well-known in esoteric circles, but for various reasons it is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme was in constant telepathic contact with his Master.

The first edition contained the articles written from January 1982 - December 1986, the second edition added the articles until December 1993, while the current (3rd) edition includes the articles that BC's Master wrote for Share International magazine until December 2003.

The painting on the cover is Aspiration (painted in 1964). The second edition (1994) was the first with the painting printed on the cover.


Original Edition

A Master speaks
Original title
Original subtitle
Original publication year1986
Original publisher
Original countryNetherlands
Original language

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