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Cosmic Science - Questions and Answers (1957)

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Cosmic Science
Published1957 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched booklets (151x81mm) Edition
PublisherSelf-published Printing1
ISBN Printed by
SeriesNo.1 No of pages144


Bulletin in which George Adamski answered questions from his international readers and audiences about flying saucers and the Space Brothers. Titled Cosmic Science for the Promotion of Cosmic Principles and Truths, Questions and Answers Series No.1, the series consists of five small volumes which were published between 1957 and 1958, and which were sent to subscribers at the cost of $1 per issue.
    The questions and answers in this series cover a wide range of subjects, from the technology used for the flying saucers to the everyday life of the Space Brothers. In comparing that with life on Earth the author denounces the adverse effects of "commercialism" on more than one occasion. In reply to Question #94, about the second coming of the Christ, Adamski writes: "Unless one's conscious perception is awakened, rather than sleeping under the blanket of materialism, how could one hope to recognize a man who in appearance would be no different from others? ... Were Jesus to return and be accepted, it would mean that all of our present systems would be overthrown to make way for His Cosmic Teachings. Are we prepared for this?"

Each Part contains 20 questions and answers. Part 1 (16 pages) was published in October 1957, Part 2 (28 pages) in February 1958, Part 3 (32 pages) in April 1958, Part 4 (32 pages) in June 1958, and Part 5 (36 pages) in September 1958.
    In a note at the end of the final volume Adamski writes: "Since the response to our inquiry [in the previous volume] about continuing the Questions and Answers had not been sufficient to warrant the financial costs involved, this will be the last booklet published."

A 30-page compilation of a selection from these questions and answers, although completely revised, was published by George Adamski in 1965 as Answers to Questions Most Frequently Asked About Our Space Visitors and Other Planets. A selection of 21 of the original questions and answers was re-published in Gray Barker's Book of Adamski. All but the last five were also re-published in the annual international edition of the newsletter for the Japanese chapter of Adamski's Get Acquainted Program (GAP) network, UFO Contactee, between 1987 (No.3) and 1998 (No.13, the last issue).


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