George Adamski

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The Possibility of Life on Other Planets (1946)

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The Possibility of Life on Other Planets
Published1946 First editionYes
FormatBrochure (210x140mm) Edition
PublisherSelf-published Printing
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Series No of pages31


A wonderful read that starts as an academic essay, but soon takes the reader to heights from where the Oneness of Life may be glimpsed.
    Also, Adamski seems to hint at his being aware of the planes of subtle (etheric) matter in this booklet: "Even upon planets whose atmosphere is so rare that life seems impossible there may be intelligent forms existing -- forms having the power of reason such as we possess, but the actual physical construction may be so fine as to be almost invisible to our sight, limited as it is to this particular plane of manifestation." (p.20)
    It was his group of followers who bestowed on Adamski the title of “Professor,” although he never earned an academic degree. People subsequently assumed he was connected to the Palomar Observatory, whose construction on Palomar Mountain started in the 1930s. About ten miles down the mountain Adamski, his wife Mary and some students lived at Palomar Gardens, the property of Alice K. Wells who ran a café there since 1944.


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