Margit Mustapa

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Book of Brothers (1963)

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Book of Brothers
Published1963 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (210x145 mm) Edition
PublisherVantage Press Printing
ISBN Printed by
Series No of pages196


In her second book, Margit Lilius-Mustapa continues to describe the process of what she calls her self-education, writing, in her words, "as one of the testifying agents of that something new and strange that is going on in the present world" (p.16).
    She explains how she received telepathic messages from humanity's Elder Brothers who "have learned the lesson of love from the earlier evolutionary program, for which we are today made sensitive enough to receive these messengers of other altitudes. ... These teachers from the other dimensions are not arriving at our kindergarten to divide new toys for us to play with and explode with pride. They are asking us to improve our relationships and end the wars!" (p.15)

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