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Commentaries on Living - From the Notebooks of J. Krishnamurti (1956)

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Commentaries on Living
Published1956 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (202 x 133mm) Edition1st UK
PublisherVictor Gollancz, Ltd Printing6
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Series No of pages254


In the ten years prior to the publication of this book, Krishnamurti had travelled extensively in Europe, India and America. From time to time during these years, Krishnamurti would note down recollected conversations, relating them to the surroundings of nature, at the request of his friend Aldous Huxley. Nothing was imagined or invented: he wrote down simply and truly what happened. It was from the resulting notebooks that D. Rajagopal edited Commentaries of Living.

See also Krishnamurti's Notebook, Krishnamurti's Journal, and Krishnamurti to Himself for further examples of K's own writing (rather than transcripts of his talks).

Referenced in Benjamin Creme (1996), The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, p.61.


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Commentaries on Living
Original title
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Original publication year1956
Original publisherHarper & Brothers Publishers
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