Gerard Aartsen

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Priorities for a Planet in Transition - The Space Brothers' Case for Justice and Freedom (2015)

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Priorities for a Planet in Transition
Published2015 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (133x203mm) Edition
PublisherBGA Publications Printing1st
ISBN978-90-815495-4-7 Printed byLightningSource
Series No of pages212


Beyond speculation and sensationalism, and based on a critical synthesis of a wide variety of sources, the author's third book brings together a significant body of information about the alternative, saner ways of organising society that contactees have been shown by ET visitors since the 1950s.
    This book leaves the reader with a compelling vision of the solar system as the home to our many visitors from space, and a profound understanding of how our separativeness has isolated us from our cosmic neighbours. It also documents how their compassionate wisdom shows a way out of the crises besetting humanity, to build a new world that will ensure the survival of the race and the safe progress of its civilization, as well as the end of our cosmic isolation.


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