Gerard Aartsen

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Before Disclosure - Dispelling the Fog of Speculation (2016)

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Before Disclosure
Published2016 First editionYes
FormatSoftcover (213 x 133mm) Edition
PublisherBGA Publications Printing1st
ISBN978-90-815495-6-1 Printed byLightningSource
Series No of pages50


As highly speculative accounts of possible doom from space began to take precedence in the 1960s, the accounts of the original contactees were being derided and dismissed, and increasingly they were portrayed as mystics who were trying to peddle some new kind of religion to the gullible.
    As a result of widespread disinformation, these days UFO researchers and enthusiasts are not just faced with derision among the general public and the mainstream media, but with rampant speculation about the extraterrestrial presence from within their own ranks as well.
    This volume is intended to help the reader distinguish between corroborated facts and speculation, and so diminish the prevalent gullability of running after every next outrageous claim from alarmists or fantasists.

Also available as free ePub or PDF via the publisher's website (see link below).


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