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The Sea of Consciousness - feat. George Adamski's The Invisible Ocean (2019)

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The Sea of Consciousness
Published2019 First editionYes
FormatSoftcover (203x133mm) Edition
PublisherBGA Publications Printing
ISBN978-90-9031695-6 Printed byLightningSource
Series No of pages112


Part I consists of an integral republication of George Adamski's first publication, The Invisible Ocean (1932), plus two previously unpublished articles. Part II looks at Adamski’s earliest teaching in the context of systems science – which holds that nothing is separate, that everything interacts and evolves as an integral system – and reveals how Adamski’s philosophy and teaching were far ahead of their time.
    This volume also includes a separate section with historical clippings and photographs about The Royal Order of Tibet and the Temple of Scientific Philosophy, as well as the most complete Adamski bibliography to date.

The last chapter from this book, 'Can astrophysics see beyond its own limitations?' was also published on the Galileo Commission's website as 'The search for extraterrestrial life' in December 2019 (link below).


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