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The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure - Early evidence and answers now confirmed by science, philosophers, activists and the military (2022)

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The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure
Published2022 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (235x191mm) EditionRevised April 2023
PublisherBGA Publications Printing
ISBN978-90-830336-4-8 Printed by
Series No of pages120


A compelling overview of various exhibits that corroborate recent confirmations from authorities in different disciplines with different aspects of George Adamski's accounts and teachings, including his photographs, physical evidence, ET contact, nuclear concerns, extraterrestrial life, consciousness, and the new paradigm.

An introductory chapter gives a brief outline of UFO disclosure efforts undertaken by Steve Bassett, Steven Greer, Daniel Sheehan, and others since the 1990s, none of whom have acknowledged Adamski's contributions. As the author points out: "...if we continue to ignore the information that was released through the original contactees, we perpetuate the ignorance that was imposed by the disinformation campaign that has been waged since that time" and, when official disclosure does happen, those who spurn the evidence presented in this book "will just have to take it on the authority of those whose denials and disinformation they have been disputing for decades."

Includes a facsimile reprint of We Are Not Alone in The Universe, the rare 1958 Indian compilation of six essays about flying saucers — of which the eponymous essay was written by George Adamski.


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