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We Are Not Alone in the Universe - Six Essays on Flying Saucers and the significance of their appearance (1958)

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We Are Not Alone in the Universe
Published1958 First editionYes
FormatBrochure Edition
PublisherS.K. Maitra Printing1st
ISBN Printed byUttara Press, Varanasi
Series No of pages25


Compilation of six essays that were originally published in serial form in the Sunday Standard, the Sunday edition of the Indian Express.
    This brochure features the following articles:

  • 'We Are Not Alone in the Universe', by George Adamski;
  • 'We Are Not Alone', by the Honorable Brinsley le Poer Trench, then-editor of Flying Saucer Review;
  • 'The Dawn of a New Age', by Y.S. Jajnik of Banaras Hindu University;
  • 'The Greatest Event of the Present Century', by S.K. Maitra of Banaras Hindu University;
  • 'Unidentified Flying Objects', by Dr S.S. Banerjee of the Engineering College at Banaras Hindu University; and
  • 'UFOS--A Game for Abstractions: A Brief and Didactic Discussion', by J. Escobar Faria, editor of UFO Critical Bulletin, Brazil.

In his essay, George Adamski reveals that he met men and women from not only Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, but also from Uranus and Neptune (p.2). The other essays in general support the claims made by George Adamski and many other contactees.
    Brinsley le Poer Trench writes that in January 1953 a scientific panel that convened at the request of the US Government concluded "the saucers were not hostile", according to a report that was only released by the US Air Force in April 1958. If the government has known this for five years, asks le Poer Trench, "why could not the authorities have spent that time educating public opinion to the concept of the space visitors, if they were afraid of breaking the news of their existence at once? All that has happened is that the public have had an extra large dose of horror films, dealing with invasions by Martians armed with death rays." (p.8)

Professor Sisir K. Maitra (1887-1963) was head of the Department of Philosophy and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Banaras Hindu University, Benares (Varanasi), India. For a time he was also George Adamski's Get Acquainted Program (GAP) contact for India, and the two met in person when Adamski made a stopover at Calcutta airport on 17 April 1959 during his world lecture tour.

Reprinted as bonus material in The Adamski Book of UFO/UAP Disclosure (2022).


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